Job Coaching

Officially titled Madison Area Supported Employment (MASE), this program prepares adults with disabilities for work readiness, including job interviews and leads. The Arc can also provide transportation arrangements and many other needs for potential employment.
MASE is a fee-for-service Milestone Program through the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS). The four-step program is geared toward successful employment for the clients referred to The Arc by the ADRS. The four steps are:

  • Assessment – Assess the client’s capabilities, interests, needs and realistic career goals
  • Job Placement – Locate and secure a job in the local work force
  • Job Coaching – Provide on-site training, assist with specialized needs and help to solve problems which might arise in order for a client to work
  • Closure – The ultimate outcome of the program is the closure step. In this step the client will have worked for three months without a job coach present. At that time the extended service program goes into effect.

Each client has a specific need unique to him or her. For this reason, the MASE staff has to be open to diversified placements. Following employment and closure, the Arc offers extended service as part of the program to stay in contact with the client, employer, and family to ensure long-term job satisfaction.

If you have a position available at your company or for more information, please call our MASE office at 256-382-4478.

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