Services for Businesses

The recycling team is ready to serve you!

The Arc takes great care in providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to develop self-esteem and be productive in the community as well as within The Arc itself. The following programs provide important services to the Huntsville and Madison County business communities while providing vital income for The Arc.

This service collects paper, cardboard and aluminum cans from local schools and businesses, which helps reduces waste in landfills. The materials are brought to The Arc where adults with disabilities sort the recyclables, which are then sold to recycling companies.

Document shredding is provided to local companies for a fee. These funds are used to maintain the high-level of security and skill involved with providing such as service, and then the additional funds earned are folded into The Arc’s general income. This income allows The Arc to continue to look for meaningful opportunities for those with disabilities.

With years of experience handling documents for government contractors and financial institutions, The Arc’s shredding program has developed a solid reputation.

Document Storage
Many of the businesses served by The Arc’s document shredding program have requested a way to store digital documents. After much research and grant writing, The Arc is now developing a way to provide digital document storage to the business community. This will also be another opportunity for those with disabilities to develop skills as well as become another revenue stream for The Arc.

If your business is interested in using any of the above services please call 256-489-0544.

Contract Work
The Arc also provides specific contract work for businesses. These services are usually centered around sorting and packing. Whether it’s paper or parts, get in touch with The Arc to see how your company can get your work completed efficiently while providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to earn a paycheck. They also get such a sense of pride through completing an outstanding finished product.


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